First impressions on Lucky SHD 100


A few weeks ago i brought 10 rolls of Lucky new SHD 35mm-film from ebay. It was something like 23€ shipped so really cheap. Mostly I wanted to try if film this cheap would be any good. When I read about the film it sounded really intresting. This film is lacking the anti-halation layer so it’s really thin and highlights start to glow when overexposed. This might be cause the films sharpness to bee bit lower than most other film.

All photos in this post where taken with my new Olympus OM2n and developed in HC-110 dilution B at 20°C with 7 minutes of souping. This my first roll of this film, merely to test how the film behaves.

Here is a little exposuretest:testit-3

Normal exposure, shooting like this you normal looking negative.testit-4

One stop over, the highlights are glowing a bit.testit-5Two stops over, here you start to see the glowing.

After the developement I noticed that the filmbase is clear and really thin so it curls really much. But getting rid of annoyance is easy. You can put the negatives in negative sleeves and put some some heavy books over it for the night or roll it form upper left corner towards lower right corner the emulsion side facing outward and leave it that way rolled over night you will get straight negatives in the morning. Few days later I scanned with film presetting called “other” on the Silverfast scanningsoftware. No postprosessing other than tiny cropping done.

The over exposing seems to work well but shadows seems to lose detail easily as you can see here with these two pictures taken with aperture priority:



Lucky SHD is a nice film for the price with some quirks. It’s not that good all arround film but nice kind of effect film when you want something different and wierd. I will be using this film in future probably for some funny portrait or just snapshots. Not with anything i want to hurry because the film is so hard to get straight.

Next i will try this with my Lomo LC-A and see how they will work together.



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