Architectural Thursday: Old town of Tammisaari

Tammisaari-2I was visiting Tammisaari and took these few shots in the Old Town. Tammisaari is really beautyfull small town on the southern coast of Finland. As you can see the Old Town has many well preserverd wooden houses and unasphalted roads. The film i used there was the Adox Silvermax and developed with Adox Silvermax developer. This combo is really nice and easy to use. Nice fine grain and so many beautiful shades of grey. Awsome film that i will be using much more in the future. The developer is liquid one-shot developer so mixing is easy and you dont have to worry about storing the stock solution. You can develope the film with other developers but i have not tryid it yet. Have you?Tammisaari-1

Tammisaari-3 Tammisaari-4 Tammisaari-6Tammisaari-5

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