Kolmas linja in 9×12

Foma100_laaka2_I’ve had this Voigtländer Avus for a while now. I just dont have a working scanner for the 9×12 cm negatives at the moment so i havent scanned anything, because of this i have shot only few sheets of film. Few weeks ago i was visiting RaakaLeksa and i scanned this one. Nothing special with this shot but nice to see what kind of quality the the the camera is capable. I cant recall what version or dilluiton i developed this one but it was some sort of rodinal probaly 1+50 or 1+100. The look i really nice when you dont have to worry about grain with negatives this size and Foma works nice and is a bit cheaper in 9x12cm compared 4×5″. Hopefully i can get my scanner problem sorter out soon.

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