Pinhole tests

I was’nt that shure about the pinhole size on my modified Agfa Isola camera. A friend of mine gave me two pinholes, the sizes where somewhere about 0,3mm and 0,4mm and the correct size was somewhere between the two. The smaller was somewhat sharper. Here are my test shot taken with correct pinhole.
Film i used was Fujis Neopan Acros 100 which i had few rolls in my fridge. But i am not going to be using it since the Fuji”film” has once again proved that they are not intrested in producing analogfilm and products other than their Instax-line of products. After i  have shot the remaining rolls i’ll have to find some other film stock to shoot my mediumformat pinholes with. Any recomendations? I was thinking about might Ilford Delta films be a good choice?

Anyhow the pictures turnd out nice and more pinholephotos will be coming!
pin-0008 pin-0009