My workflow part 2: The process

On the first part 1 i talked about what tools i like to use for developing film. Here is the actual process:

  1. In the beginning i measure the needed water and check that it is at 20°C. The temperature might rise a bit after that but i have never bothered myself with that. Then i measure the developer with a measuring syringe. After mixing the developer with water i pour it in to the tank and start the timer.
  2. I revert the tank four times in beginning and then four times per minute. With longer times when doing push processing i try to agitate tank somewhat ten times. For example if the developing time is 20 minutes i revert tank every other minute.
  3. When the developing is done i pour the developer in to a canister with my other waste chemistry and pour in the vinegar stop-bath. With this i agitate constantly for somewhat of a minute. After that fill the stop bath beaker once more and wash the film once more.
  4. Then is the fixers turn. With fixer the times are not that exact, i try to do at least ten minutes and always a bit longer if the solution is getting old.
  5. My washing method is to fill the tank with water and agitate the tank ten times, then i change the water and agitate tank 11 times. I do this ten times so that the last round has 20 agitations.
  6. Then comes the wetting agent. I run the film through it in a small basin and hang it to dry.

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My developing workflow part 1: tools

If you ask 10 film shooter how to develop black and white film you will get 12-20 different answers. All the developing has it’s own scientific rules but people threat it more like magic or religion. There are many tricks and tips that people use even though others claim that you cant get good result with those tricks and tips.

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